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YES WE ARE OPEN, Call +1 (803)751-5755 COVID-19 Safety Precautions will be enforced. These precautions include, but are not limited to: Patrons will be screened with questions and temperature prior to being granted access to building. Masks are required at all times while in building. Guides are in place to maintain social distancing. Bay availability is limited at Self-Help to ensure social distancing. The number of patrons allowed inside building at any given time will be limited.

Auto Craft Shop

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The Auto Craft Shop’s mission is to provide recreational opportunities, promote morale, and to develop, increase and sustain automotive skills of authorized patrons. 

We are open to all service members, Retirees, DA Civilians, Fort Jackson Civilians, National Guard members, Reservists, and the Families of all aforementioned patrons.

Community Recreation Division has made all of this possible by providing you with a facility, equipment and tools. Also available to you is personalized instruction, maintenance and repair assistance while working on your vehicle whether it is a truck, car, van, motorcycle, scooter or boat.

Price Guide (pdf)

The Staff

The Auto Craft Shop staff is a courteous and professional staff well trained in the automotive areas and will assist and guide you with your project.

The Shop

The shop has a total of 23 stalls which are divided into areas:

  • 19 minor maintenance stalls
  • 4 major overhaul stalls
  • 9 lifts
  • sheet metal stall
  • bench work and welding stall
  • paint booth

Lifts and floor jacks that will lift any type of vehicle are located throughout the shop areas. Jack stands in two and five-ton capacities and transmission jacks are also available for use.

Patrons are not permitted to work on a vehicle supported by one jack only; therefore, the shop provides ample jack stands for each stall.

Bench Work Area

The machine room has tables with a bench vise, a hydraulic press, a grinder and a drill press. This area is equipped to rebuild engines, transmissions and other parts. The machine room is treated like all other stall areas in the shop; patrons sweep and clean the tables after each use.

Car Wash and Vacuum Area

The do-it-yourself car wash/vacuum area is located in the back of the Auto Craft Shop. A small fee is charged for washing and vacuuming. This service is provided year round.

Outside Parking Area

To accommodate major overhauls, the outside parking are can store up to 20 vehicles awaiting repair and/or repair parts.

Tool Distribution Center

The Tool Room is well stocked with standard and metric tools. Many specialty items are also available including air wrenches, spring and strut compressors, tach and dwell meters, volt and amp meters, cylinder hones, ring groove cleaners, cam bearing installers/removers, drill and some body tools.


All services available are on a first come, first serve basis with the exception of the paint booth, which must be reserved in person.


A safety briefing is required for all patrons using the facility. Briefings are given at the Sign In/Out Counter.

Auto Craft Car & Bike Show Photo Gallery

The Autocraft Shop's Mission is to provide recreational opportunities, promote morale, and to develop, increase and sustain automotive skills of authorized patrons. We are open to all service members, retirees, DA civilians, Fort Jackson civilians, National Guard members, Reservists, and the families of all aforementioned patrons.

Auto Detailing


Auto Craft Shop now has detailing available Thursday-Sunday.