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Currently preparing for the 2024 Season - opening weekend 25 - 27 MAY 2024

Palmetto Falls Water Park

Swimming Locations, Dates and Hours

     Pending 2024 Update

Daily Fees
DoD ID Cardholders $13.00
Guests of DoD ID Cardholders *$15.00
Non-Affiliated $17.00
*Up to 6 guests  

Season Passes DoD ID Cardholders (includes Legion Outdoor Swimming Pool.)

All others $75.00



Features of the Water Park

• A 10,000 sq. ft. Family Pool 
• Two Water Slides
• A 600 sq. foot Splashdown pool
• A 2,500 sq. foot Kiddy Pool 
• A Lazy River stretching 800 linear feet. 
• Snack Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring outside food and drinks into the park?
No, we sell our own concessions.

Do you have a birthday package?
No, we do ask that you notify us of your birthday, and an exception to the no food policy will be made for “A” cake or cupcakes.

Do you give refunds?
No, Palmetto Falls has no refund policy. Once you pay admission, you have agreed to not receive a refund.  The only exceptions are military orders (PCS) which a partial refund will be given for the season membership and non-affiliated civilians who purchase on line and do not have a clear background check for Fort Jackson.  Refunds will NOT be given for inclement weather, or other unforeseen closings: only rain checks for another visit.

What is the policy on rain checks?
We give rain checks in the case of severe inclement weather resulting in the water park being closed temporarily (more than 2 hours) or for the day.  No rain checks will be issued within the first 2 consecutive hours after a closing (predictions will not be made).  If the storm clears and the patrons return to the water and another delay occurs, the 2 hour clock starts over.  In order to receive a rain check you must have your receipt for admission, which a supervisor will sign once two consecutive hours have elapsed. Rain checks cannot be exchanged for cash and can be used anytime on a regular admission day for the previously purchased number of patrons.

Do you have lifejackets or can we bring our own?
We do have common use lifejackets for you to use. Any flotation device used at the waterpark must be (and state on it) “US COAST GUARD APPROVED” on the device. Lifeguards will ask you to remove any other device from the facility (to be put in your vehicle.) NO non-coast guard approved items are allowed in the park, including blow up rafts. Our inner tubes are industry-standard based rafts specifically for use in lazy rivers.

What are the height requirements for slides?
The small slides located in the lagoon, require patrons to be 36 inches tall. The tower slides require patrons to be 48 inches tall. There are no exceptions to the height, and children cannot be caught at the bottom of the slides. Other patrons must remain AT LEAST 6 feet away from the exit of the slide.

Can rafts or lifejackets be worn/used on slides?
No, for two reasons. Our slides are not made (high walls) for patrons to be raised off the surface of the slide. Patrons could accidentally be thrown from the slide which could result in injury. The end of the slides are not shaped properly to accommodate the excess “raise” rafts and lifejackets give to swimmers. The rush of water coming off the slide and the impact into the catch pool areas can cause users to be “thrown back” into or under the slide resulting in injuries. Also buckles, belts, etcetera on lifejackets can cut grooves into the slides which could cut other patrons.

Where do we enter/exit the lazy river?
Patrons can ONLY enter and exit the lazy river at the front 0 depth entry, or at the stairs on the backside of the water park. A lifeguard is stationed at the 0 depth entry to assist patrons who may need assistance getting in and out of their tubes. Climbing/jumping in/out of the sides of the lazy river can result in injury (even to adults who can stand).

Why do we have to use an inner tube in the lazy river?
The concrete edges, propulsion systems, other patrons in tubes, and other objects can cause injury to patrons. The propulsion systems are strong enough to sweep an adult off his or her feet, and they are required to move the 300,000+ gallons of water around the lazy river.

What is considered appropriate swim wear?
Any baseline swimsuit, excluding string bikinis, thongs, etc. Lingerie cannot be worn as a swimsuit. Swimsuits must be family-appropriate and must properly cover the body. Denim, cotton shirts, and cotton shorts are not allowed to be worn in the water. Cotton fibers wash out in the water and clog our filtration system. Polyester, nylon, etcetera are fine for over shirts or shorts if you wish to wear them.

Can we bring pets?

Sand Bar Concessions

The Sand Bar concessions sells Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fries, Nachos, Ice Cream, Candy, Gatorade, Water, and Coca Cola drinks.

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