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Green Zone Trail

The mission of the Fort Jackson Green Zone Trail is to develop and manage a multi-use greenway trail recreation centers, the Palmetto Trail and other trails. Insofar as possible, it will accommodate people of all ages who love the outdoors, including walkers, hikers, bicyclists, runners, baby carriage pushers, skateboarders, roller bladers and others. The trail currently encompasses a 5 mile loop trail located within the cantonment area of Fort Jackson as well as a smaller mile loop around the Solomon Center, Palmetto Falls, Palmetto Greens and Patriots Park (Solomon Center). Each portion of the trail is identified by star blazes.

The Green Zone Trail currently begins and ends near the corner of Marion Ave. and Inchon Rd. Plenty of parking is available along with a park, picnic tables and a gazebo with benches for resting your legs or just relaxing and viewing the wildlife along the shoreline of Semmes Lake. The trail follows along the Semmes Lake dam, crossing Inchon Rd., passing Victory Hall. It continues along the paved path parallel to Inchon Rd. with a view overlooking the Fort Jackson Golf Club.

The trail then makes a left turn following housing and the Youth Center. [Also an additional branch continues straight following Inchon Rd. and ending at Twin Lakes] The trail continues past the youth center and again turns left and follows Hampton Pkwy. past Tank Hill and the Soldier Support Institute [SSI]. It then turns left and follows Stuart Ave. to the Solomon Center where the trail winds its way through a small park complete with shelters and picnic tables. The trail then crosses Strom Thurmond Blvd at Pickens Ave. and continues past the Pickens Ave. & Scouts Out St. Child Development Centers finally crossing Hill St. and again winding its way through the park located along the Semmes Lake shoreline to the trail head throughout the cantonment area of Fort Jackson for non-motorized recreation and transit. In every section the trail will be environmentally sensitive, safe, appropriate to the land and acceptable to landowners.

The Palmetto Trail

Zig-zagging across the state of South Carolina, 425+ miles-of-trail link the upstate to the coast and encompass the Palmetto State’s history, culture, and geography. The Palmetto Trail crosses Fort Jackson boundaries and runs almost 20 miles of its course on Fort Jackson. Several trails head to park vehicles. The three most popular being at Gate 5, Gate 1 and across from Twin Lakes on Inchon Road. For more information on the opportunities these trails offer, please go to

Patriots Park (Solomon Center)

The Patriots Park Greenway, currently in two distinct sections, provides natural areas for Soldiers and Families to spend an hour or a whole day while taking in the scenic beauty that is Fort Jackson. Several Picnic Pavilions exist at both locations, with beautiful landscaping and flowering trees, they provide an amazing backdrop to any warm spring lunch. The playground at Patriots Park at the Solomon Center is second to none on post and is a great place to take the children to play. All shelters at both locations are first come first serve and open from dawn until dusk.

Twin Lakes and Oyster Point

Twin Lakes, located on Inchon Road past the golf course, is a diamond in the rough. With a small playground, a few picnic shelters and access to the lake edge, Twin Lakes appeals to fishermen, Families and units alike as a natural setting for a host of outdoor activities.

Oyster Point, nestled between the golf course and Victory Hall is a smaller more intimate location for group gatherings. The shelters at both Twin Lakes and Oyster Point are first come, first served. Call Marion Street Station at +1 (803)751-3484 for more details.

More Outdoor Recreation


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