Home Based Business

Home Based Business

If you reside on Fort Jackson and would like to operate a Home Based Business (HBB) please review the IMCOM Policy Memo 215_1-_14 (pdf) and complete the application (pdf), then call +1 (803)751-4198 or +1 (803) 751-3647 to schedule an appointment with your Family and MWR representative. The application and approval process is estimated at 60 calendar days following submission. However, understanding the positive impact this program has on Soldiers and Families residing on Fort Jackson, we are committed to handling each applicant as expeditiously as possible. 

What Is A Home Based Business

What is a Home Based Business?

* Non Federal Entities that authorized residents own/operate to offer sales or services from within their on-post residence.

*Business that are interested in providing sales or services on Fort Jackson outside their residence should contact Family and MWR at the number above or the local AAFES Exchange for more information.

* Persons who reside in family housing and work remotely out of their residence or operate their own business exclusively through online means are not considered HBB and do not require approval.

*This policy does NOT apply to on-post home childcare. Persons desiring to provide childcare must receive certification by the Installation Child and Youth Services as part of the Family Child Care provider system. Call +1 (803)751-6234 or +1 (803)751-1672 for information.