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Recycling Center

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The following recyclables should be taken to the Recycling Center (items with an * can also be taken to one of the recycling igloos located  at Semmes Lake and Patriot Park):

Newspapers & Inserts* Notebook Paper Construction Paper
Steel Cans* Writing Paper Flyers & Junk Mail
Glass Jars & Bottles* Greeting Cards Envelopes
Aluminum Cans* Index Cards Computer Paper
Aluminum Foil & Pans Brown Paper Bags Grocery Check-Out Slips
Cardboard & Boxboard      40" x 48" Scrap Metal Scrap Metal Plastics #1 & #2
Magazines 40' x 48" Wood Pallets Non Working Appliances
Packing Paper Phone Books  

Cardboard can be taken to the Recycling Center. This includes clean corrugated cardboard, boxboard (e.g. shoe boxes, cereal boxes, etc), and brown bags. Waxed cardboard, such as frozen food containers and milk cartons, is not recyclable yet and should be thrown away.

The following reusable items should be taken to the Thrift Shop (+1 (803)787-2153) or donated to family, friends, or charity:

Books Clothes Furniture
Toys & Games Appliances, large & small Rugs & Curtains
Towels & Sheets Household Items  

Food Waste should be put into the garbage disposal (no bones, corn husks, or other fibrous waste). Carefully plan meals to minimize food waste.

Hazardous Materials should be used up before recycling or disposing of the empty containers. Paint related materials, common building supplies, and common household hazardous materials can be turned in to the Paint Reissue Center (Bldg 2571, Engineer Rd., +1 (803)751-3002 or +1 (803)751-3003).

Vehicle Batteries should be turned in to DPW.

Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze can be taken to the Auto Craft Shop and many off-post locations.

The following items cannot be recycled at the Recycling Center:

Waxed Cardboard Batteries Paper Plates & Towels
Tires & Auto Parts Plastic Clothes Hangers Wood Products
Laminated Cards Plastic Bags Plastic without the Recycling Symbol


Fort Jackson Paper Shred Day

All types of paper with sensitive information will be accepted, but NO classified documents. Shredding papers with your personal information provides a level of insurance against identity theft and misuse.

If you have any questions or comments please call +1 (803)751-4208. Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

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