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Victory Bingo

Your Fort Jackson Victory Bingo is Open

We are happy to announce that your Family and MWR, Victory Bingo Program, will offer guests an opportunity join back in the local Bingo games. 

Friday: Doors open 3 pm. Play starts 4 p.m.

Saturday: Doors open 12 pm. Play starts 1 p.m.

Sunday: Doors open 10 am. Play starts 11 a.m.

Monday: Doors open 3 pm. Play starts 4 p.m.

As we strive to bring your Family and MWR facilities and programs back to a healthy and safe steady state, you will notice some changes in our seating areas and how we provide recreation.  We are looking forward to serving you again and would appreciate your thoughts as we launch this improved recreation and gaming experience.  

New Programs, New Prizes, New Games, and New Rules

  • All payments can be made by credit card or cash
  • There will be No Paper Games until further notice
  • All winnings will be credited back to your tablet
  • You may cash out your tablet at any time, your runner will do it, or you may do it at the cash area
  • Your credits will be given back to you as credit card credit or cash, your choice
  • Masks are optional
  • Sanitation stations will be available

We look forward to seeing YOU again. Questions please call +1 (803)782-2218.

We have Missed You…Please be patient with our team as we adjust to all our new policies for everyone's safety. Please adhere to the new rules of Victory Bingo which will be strictly enforced. Violation of rules and you may be asked to leave facility

  • Masks are optional
  • Please follow all rules pertaining to social distancing
  • Please do not add any chairs to the tables unless approved by management
  • Please utilize hand sanitizer and wash hands when needed
  • Please do not move the plexiglass frames on the tables
  • Please do not move any of the tables
  • All tablets are cleaned please refrain from using any chemicals on the machines, cleaning cloths will be provided
  • There is NO SMOKING allowed in the building

Thank you for your cooperation and we appreciate your business

Victory Bingo is a Family and MWR activity. Family and MWR activities are intended for all military personnel (both Active and Retired), their Families, Reserve components, Retirees, DOD Civilians and their invited guests.

Games, Cost, & Prizes

Fun Games:

  • All Fun Games are double bingos and pay $20 - $40 per game.
  • Early Birds: $5 half session, $10 full session:
  • Early Bird session has 10 games.
  • All Early Birds are double bingos and pay $50 - $100 per game.

Regular Games: Consists of 10 games. Additional special games are played in between regular games.

Thursdays & Saturdays- Pays $200-$1,000 per game


Pack Qty Price
Bronze 36 cards per game $35
Silver 54 cards per game $45
Gold 72 cards per game $55
Platinum 90 cards per game $65

Fridays & Sundays - Pays $500-$1,000 per game


Pack Qty Price
Bronze 36 cards per game $50
Silver 54 cards per game $60
Gold 72 cards per game $70
Platinum 90 cards per game $80

Popular Special Games - played during Regular Games:

  • Special #1 U-Pick-Em ($2 per card, pays up to $10,000)
  • Special #2 Letter X ($2 per sheet, pays up to $1,000)
  • Special #3 Letter H ($2 per sheet, pays up to $1,000)
  • Special #4 Coverall ($3 per sheet, pays up to $10,000)
  • Grand Prize ($2 per card, pays up to $5,000)


Game Rules


  1. The manager may suspend playing privileges of patrons for misconduct, use of profanity, unruliness or disrupting game play.
  2. All players must show proper means of identification to validate authorization to play.
  3. All guests must be signed in by an authorized sponsor (military ID card holders).
  4. All bingo winners must prove their eligibility to win, in accordance with the rules stated above before any prize is awarded. 
  5. Everyone must purchase a regular program pack to participate in our Regular Program.
  6. Players must be able to show proof of purchase (keep your receipts).
  7. Unplayed sheets from previous days are not valid, unless approved and signed by management.
  8. No minors under the age of 14 are allowed to play bingo.
  9. Only paying participants are allowed to sit in the game areas of the bingo hall, unless otherwise approved by management.

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