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Pre-Owned Vehicle (POV) Sales Lot

The Pre-Owned Vehicle (POV) Sales Lot, operated by Auto Craft Shop, located at the corner parking lot of the Strom Thurmond Building off Marion Ave. Here you can sell your vehicles, boats, trailers, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles. You must have a government ID, or the immediate family member of a government ID Cardholder, proof of registration and insurance to park on the POV Sales Lot. The cost is $25 per vehicle for 30 days.

Register your vehicle at Fort Jackson Auto Craft Shop, 5669 Liberty Div. Rd.

Shoppers interested in purchasing a vehicle from the lot will find prices and contact information on the vehicle, usually posted near the windshield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to use the Auto Craft Shop & POV Resale Lot?

All DoD ID cardholders and their Family members are eligible.

Can I perform fuel maintenance at Auto Craft Shop? 


Do you have a paint booth? 


Do you have a welder? 


At what age do my children need to be to work in the bay area with me? 

For safety reasons, children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the vehicle or bay area. Children  ages 10 and above are Parent or Guardian supervised at all time.

You will be asked to leave if your child is unsupervised at any time.

Do I need to show proof of ownership (vehicle registration, title or bill of sale) before signing my vehicle into the shop? 

Yes, Registration or proof of insurance is required when you are signing in to the Auto Craft Shop.

Can I work on a friend’s vehicle without them signing it into the shop? 

No, all vehicles must be signed in prior to beginning any repairs.

Can I bring my mechanic to work on my vehicle to the shop? 

No, you can not bring a person for hire to fix your vehicle in the Craft shop. 

To what extent will the staff assist me with my car repair in the Hobby Shop?

Our friendly staff is available to provide guidance and pointers; however, hands-on assistance by staff is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Staff will only assist where they are competent and comfortable. If staff assistance is needed, additional service charges may be applied based on the circumstance.

At what time does Hobby Shop stop taking customers?

The last car will be authorized to enter the Hobby Shop one hour prior to the posted closing time; otherwise, the facility will close at this time. Thank you for cooperation and understanding.

*The last car will be authorized to enter the Auto Craft Shop one hour prior to closing.  Clean up starts 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Can I register a friend’s vehicle for the Resale Lot? 

No, proof of ownership is required for all vehicles.

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