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SKIES Unlimited-Instructional Programs

CYS Online Registration and Appointments

Click on Webtrac to start new registrations, make payments on your monthly childcare fees, reprint receipts and tax statements or sign up for advertised SKIESUnlimited classes, Youth Sports or Special Activities.


2021 Fall Classes Schedule

Parents must remain on site for all SKIES classes

Piano: Ages 5-18, $60, for 4, ½ hour sessions, SKIES Bldg., 6100 Chesnut Rd.  (Please see Webtrac for times and days of availability). Whether your child is a beginner or experienced pianist, private lessons will help them on their musical journey to motivate your child to learn in a fun, pleasant environment. Students participate in the SKIES Unlimited  annual performing arts recital.

Tennis: Ages 6-18, $50. Saturdays 9-10 am, Semmes Road Tennis Courts (next to Victory Hall). Tennis is not only great exercise, it’s also a great social activity. Tennis isn’t the easiest sport for young children to learn, but if you start kids right, they’re likely to be life-long players. The key, not surprisingly, is to make sure they’re having fun by ensuring they experience success. Wheelchair tennis classes are also available upon request. Classes are ongoing year-round.  Student must bring a water bottle with water only, and a towel.

Tumble Tots: Ages 18 months - 3 years old, $30. Tuesday 11:30 am or Wednesday 5:45 pm, SKIES bldg.,6100 Chesnut Rd. Parent and child work together in this fun-paced class to build basic motor skills, coordination and balance.  Age appropriate equipment is used to promote confidence and fun. Child must be able to walk. 

Tumble Bugs: Ages 3-5, $40. Tuesday 3:30-4:15 pm, SKIES bldg., 6100 Chesnut Rd. Children learn basic tumbling skills and develop coordination through a tumbling obstacle course, an air trac trampoline, tumble trac, and other gymnastics equipment.

Gymnastics (Beginner): Ages 5-9, $50. Tuesday 4:30-5:30 pm. Wednesday 4:30-5:30 pm, SKIES bldg., 6100 Chesnut Rd. Children learn basic gymnastics skills, body positions, balance beam, vault and uneven bars.  All of the gymnastics skills learned in these levels are the foundation and building blocks needed for a great gymnast.  Children learn coordination, stretching, strengthening and balance in a fun environment, while improving their gymnastics skills.

Gymnastics (Ninja): Ages 8-18, $50. Wednesday 6:30-7:30 pm, SKIES bldg., 6100 Chesnut Rd. Ninja and tumbling is a class for ages 5 and up designed to keep moving forward, build strength, endurance and coordination, using obstacles that challenge body and mind.  In addition basic tumbling skills will be taught also as a way to protect their bodies by increasing kinesthetic awareness.

Gymnastics (Advanced): Ages 8-18, $65. Tuesday 5:45-7:15 pm, SKIES bldg., 6100 Chesnut Rd.  Students learn to focus on core conditioning, muscle control while learning higher level skills and combining basic skills to create routines. Children work at their own pace. Ages 8 and up are preferred in the class. Must have instructor approval to be in this class.

Mommy & Me Yoga: Ages 2-5, $40. Friday 5:30 – 6:15 pm,  MST building, 5975 Chesnut Rd. As children learn to improve their physical balance, they will be filled with a sense of accomplishment.  Yoga teaches them to persevere, be patient, and work toward their goals. When a child masters a pose, it gives him or her confidence and self-esteem. Even a simple step like a child being able to touch their toes after practicing each week, creates the feeling of achievement.

Youth Yoga: Ages 6-12, $40. Friday 6:15 – 7:15 pm, MST building, 5975 Chesnut Rd. Yoga introduces breathing exercises, concentration and poses that can enhance flexibility. With football, soccer, basketball, and cheerleading, physical flexibility is important because it helps improve the athletes performance and focus.  This is a key component of success on the field, while also minimizing the risk of injury.


Registration and Enrollment
SKIES Unlimited classes are open to dependents of Active Duty Military, National Guard, Reserve, DoD Civilians, employees of Department of Defense, Contractors working on Fort Jackson and Retirees. Children/youth must be registered with Child & Youth Services to enroll in a SKIES Unlimited  class. Please contact Parent Central at (803) 751-4865/4824 for assistance in registering for CYS Services and enrolling in a SKIES Unlimited  class.  Once registered, sign up may be handled on line at;

Class Waiting Lists
When new classes are added, a wait list is maintained until the minimum enrollment is reached. Parents are notified when enough children/youth have signed up to start the class. Fees may be prorated, if applicable.

Not Sure if this Class is for Your Child
All classes may be previewed by the parent and child participation is allowed.  A new student considering enrollment in any classes may participate in one class at no cost. 

Fee Policy
Fees must be paid prior to participating in one of the classes. For on-going classes, the first month’s fee is due at the time of enrollment.

Extracurricular Instructional Classes For children 3 to 18 years of age

Extracurricular Instructional Classes
For children 3 to 18 years of age

SKIES Unlimited stands for “School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills” with the word “Unlimited” for the unlimited possibilities that this program provides children and youth: 

  • All participants must be registered with CYS
  • On-going enrollment for most classes (New students may need to wait for open enrollment)
  • Currently enrolled SKIES students will be automatically re-enrolled into the next session for most classes to retain their space. Payment for the session must be made before the first day of class.
  • Classes will be filled on a first paid basis.

Children and Youth that are currently registered in CYS may be able to enroll for some of the SKIES classes using WebTrac.

* Available at select communities

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Fees are due at the time of enrollment for classes with a limited time frame. For on-going classes, the first month’s fee is due at the time of enrollment. Installment billing will be set up to bill your household no later than the 24th of the month and fees must be paid by the last working day of the month, for the following month. Billing will continue indefinitely unless you submit a written withdrawal notice.


Classes are ongoing (unless otherwise indicated), so enrollment is allowed at any time during the month. Classes include:

School of Arts, Recreation & Leisure
Piano, Private Lessons (coming soon)


School of Life Skills, Citizenship & Leadership
Babysitter Certification Training
imAlone Training


School of Sports, Health & Fitness

Karate, Lil Kickers Karate, Beginner
Karate, Intermediate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Beginner
Tumble Bugs Gymnastics 1-3
Tennis, Beginner Gymnastics 4 & Tumbling
Golf, First Tee Swimming, Parent & Child
Swimming Swimming, Beginner


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